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Home Physiotherapy

Home Home Physiotherapy

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Patients, who need Home Health Care Services utilizing a distinguished team of more than 100 healthcare professionals that consists of efficient and highly qualified physicians, nurses and physiotherapists from both genders.

We have gained our good reputation in the field of Home Healthcare Care due to various reasons, including but not limited to, our ability to offer the best and most advanced services by keeping our team members up-to-date with the advancement of healthcare industry through continuous medical and nursing education, as well as utilizing modern medical equipment that matches the best quality and distinction levels and the requirements of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

What we offer...

Home Physiotherapy

Our well trained and experienced Male and Female physiotherapists integrate their knowledge, skills and judgment to analyze problems and provide the necessary service, and they are equipped with modern medical equipment to provide treatment conforming with the highest standard to deliver quality and effective care to our patients.

The Treatment Pathway is planned and modified as needed to achieve the treatment goals for each patient, the intervention may include:

√ Pediatric and Elderly Rehabilitation

√ Pain Management Therapy

√ Post Sports injuries

√ Post CVA and stroke Rehabilitation

√ Spinal Cord Injuries

√ Post Traumatic Injuries

√ Therapeutic massage for joints, soft tissues and muscles injuries.

√ Degenerative Diseases of Central Nervous System

√ Post-op Rehabilitation for Knee, Hip and Shoulder

√ Home Safety Assessments and Safety Planning

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